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Dutch Bros Menu Energy Drinks

In this post, we’ll look into the wide variety of energy drinks provided by Dutch Bros and provide the reader with useful information about the flavors, caffeine content and the possibility of customizing.

Dutch Bros menu of energy drinks offers an intense energy boost and a refreshing mix of fruity flavors and a fresh alternative to conventional energy drinks.

Through our extensive guide, you’ll acquire the information to make educated choices and discover your new favorite energy beverage made by Dutch Bros.

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Top Dutch Bros Energy Drinks

In the category of flavorful berries, Rebels is a wide selection of drinks that contain flavours of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. 

These drinks are perfect for anyone looking for an energy drink that is based on berries.

1. Dutch Bros After shock Energy Drink

Dutch Bros Aftershock Energy Drink

Aftershock Rebel Energy Drink is a remarkably sweet and refreshing blend of blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and lime.

The drink offers the perfect balance of fruit sweetness, invigorating citrus notes and moderate acidity from lime.

It is an ideal choice for those who desire the delightful taste of berries without feeling overwhelmed by excessive sweetness.

2. Dutch Bros Electric Berry Energy Drink

Dutch Bros Electric Berry Energy Drink

Describing it as an electrifying and refreshing drink, the Electric Berry Rebel embodies strong notes reminiscent of citrus and blue raspberries.

The drink balances the acidity and powerful flavors of lime with blue raspberry, creating an invigorating and mildly sweet beverage that will leave you feeling refreshed.

3. Dutch Bros Shark Attack Energy Drink

Dutch Bros Shark Attack Energy Drink

The drink features a bold pomegranate drizzle and coconut with a prominent coconut note.

The drink is crafted using various syrups, including lime, coconut and blue raspberry.

4. Dutch Bros Double Rainbro Energy Drink

Dutch Bros Double Rainbro energy Drink

The Double Rainbro Rebel is a tropical, sweet and refreshing drink made with the classic Dutch Bros energy drink, peach syrup, coconut syrup, strawberry syrup.

It is an ideal choice for a pick-me-up or to keep you energized throughout the day.

This drink incorporates the sweet notes of the syrups and the base notes of the energy drink to create a flavorful profile that tantalizes the taste buds.

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5. Dutch Bros Peach Energy Drink

Dutch Bros Peach Energy Drink

Sometimes, a simple drink can be better than one that has multiple syrups this is the reason of Peach Rebel Energy Drink.

Created using the traditional Dutch Bros energy drink which is mixed with peach syrup for an energizing, sweet and refreshing drink.

6. Dutch Bros Midnight Energy Drink

Dutch Bros Midnight  Energy Drink

Dutch Bros has created the Midnight Rebel Energy Drink using deeply flavored syrups, resulting in a well-rounded drink option.

Furthermore, unlike the majority of Dutch Bros Rebels, this particular drink is exclusively available in an iced format.

The drink combines blackberry and pomegranate syrup with the energy drink, resulting in a refreshing and delicious beverage.

How To Order Rebel From Dutch Bros?

As with all Dutch Bros drinks, start with the size you want, then tell the broista or linebuster the name of the drink and how you want it.

1. Rebel Drink Sizes

Small (16 ounces)
Medium (24 ounces)
Extra Large (32 ounces)

2. Iced or Blended
The drinks are either blended or iced (frozen drink blended in the blender).

3. Rebel Drink Name or Syrups
You can either ask by name of the drink or mention that you’re looking for to purchase a Rebel and then tell them the flavors that you want to add.

4. Toppings
Also, let them know that you’d like any toppings such as drip or soft top (Dutch Bros equivalent of the Cold foam).

Are Dutch Bros energy drinks available hot or only iced?

Dutch Bros energy drinks are most well-known for their frozen versions.

Although some drinks may contain hot alternatives however, the majority of available energy drinks are exclusively available in chilled and refreshing options.

Can I customize my Dutch Bros energy drink?

Absolutely! Dutch Bros is known for its amazing customisation options.

You can customize your drink by selecting different flavors, changing the sweetness and adding other ingredients like different milk alternatives or extra espresso shots.

The possibilities are limitless!

Dutch Bros Energy Drinks Flavors

The variety of energy drink flavors that Dutch Bros offers is one of their unique selling points.

With new alternatives continuously being added, clients may always find fascinating new flavors to sample. An summary of some of their best-selling energy drinks may be found here.

Rebel Energy Drinks

The flagship product line of Dutch Bros. is Rebel energy drinks. To give long-lasting energy, vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and other components are added to these drinks. The Rebel lineup consists of:

  • Blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry undertones may all be found in the flavor Electric Berry Rebel. It’s a vivid shade of purple.
  • Aftershock Rebel: This beverage has a citrusy, lemon-lime flavor. It’s a striking shade of red.
  • Raspberry Rebel: A pink-hued raspberry-flavored alternative.

Other Energy Drinks

Dutch Brothers provides a wide variety of other unusual energy drink tastes in addition to the Rebel brand, such as:

  • Golden Eagle: A drink with a golden hue and a sweet, toasted marshmallow taste.
  • Kickstarter: Flavors tart cranberries.
  • Miami: Has a coconut and pineapple flavor.
  • Midnight Moon – A dark chocolate-flavored energy drink.
  • Juicy peach flavor characterizes Peach Pleasure.
  • Pink Passion: An alternative with a watermelon flavor.
  • Rainbow Unicorn: Flavors are tropical.
  • Salted Caramel – For those who want a bit of salt with their sweet.
  • Smoothie with strawberry flavor: A creamy option. • Vanilla Dutch Freeze: A well-liked milkshake-inspired recipe

Limited Time Flavors

Seasonal limited-edition flavors are added by Dutch Bros. to their regular energy drink lineup. The following have been some of the most recent options for special editions:

  • Chocolate and roasted marshmallows make up Campfire S’mores.
  • Candy Apple: A tart hard candy flavor of green apples.
  • Sweet cinnamon and vanilla make up horchata.
    Pine In The Neck Cranberries are tart with a tinge of pine taste.
  • Pumpkin Spice: Warm fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice
  • Juicy and tasty watermelon called Watermelon Blast.

Secret Menu flavors  

The inventive taste combinations that the Dutch Bros baristas can create aren’t limited to what’s on the menu. Typical energy drinks from the hidden menu include:

  • Blue Raspberry – Blue raspberry syrup poured to the White Lightning Rebel.
    Grape Grape syrup poured to the Lemon Lime Rebel.
  • Sour Patch Kid: The flavors of raspberry and lemonade combine to provide a tart and then sweet taste.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake – Strawberry with a cream cheese swirl.

What Dutch drink has the most caffeine?

BeverageSmall (12 fl oz)Large (20 fl oz)
Dutch Hot Chocolate coffee10 mg16 mg
Double Torture coffee130 mg280.5 mg
911 Breve coffee280.5 mg280.5 mg
Iced Dutch Latte coffee187 mg

Dutch Bros. Coffee Contact Information

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Office Address: 332 NW 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 United States

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Phone Number: +1 541-471-8742

You can contact team of Dutch Bros. Coffee by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQsDutch Bros Menu Energy Drinks

What energy drink is used in Dutch Bros Rebel?

Dutch Bros Rebel energy drinks are created using their exclusive mix of ingredients. Although the exact composition and the recipe for this Rebel Energy drink are not made public however, it is made to provide an intense dose of caffeine as well as a delicious taste.

How much caffeine is in Dutch Bros energy drinks?

The amount of caffeine in Dutch Bros energy drinks differs based on the type of drink as well as the size.
In the average, a moderate-sized (16-ounce) Dutch Bros energy drink has between 200 and 300 milligrams of caffeine.

Are Dutch Bros energy drinks suitable for dietary restrictions?

Dutch Bros caters to a variety of different dietary needs. Dutch Bros offer alternatives to milk, like almond, oat and soy milk, which makes it much easier for people with lactose intolerance and dairy-free diets to indulge in these energy drinks.

Can I order Dutch Bros energy drinks online?

Yes! Dutch Bros understands the convenience of ordering online which is why they have made feasible to purchase your favorite energy drinks on their mobile or website. This lets you bypass the line and have your energy drink waiting for you to pick up.

What’s the difference between Dutch Bros Rebels and traditional energy drinks?

Traditional energy drinks are given a distinctive touch with Dutch Bros Rebels. Compared to traditional energy drinks, they offer a smoother and more personalized experience because they are made from cold brew and can be modified with different flavors.

How much caffeine is in a Dutch Bros Annihilator?

Depending on the size and kind of coffee used, a Dutch Bros Annihilator’s caffeine concentration varies. It has between 150 and 200 mg of caffeine on average.

Are Dutch Bros energy drinks sugar-free?

Not every Dutch Bros energy drink contains no added sugar. The particular drink and customisation determine how much sugar is in it. Consumers have the option to change the sweetness level or select sugar-free alternatives.

What’s the difference between Dutch Bros Kicker and Annihilator?

Though they are both well-liked beverages, the Annihilator has flavors of chocolate milk and chocolate macadamia nuts, while the Kicker is a cold brew with Irish cream and toasted marshmallow.

Are Dutch Bros energy drinks gluten-free?

Although most Dutch Bros energy drinks are gluten free, it’s important to verify the precise contents and speak with staff if you have dietary restrictions.

Can I customize the caffeine level in Dutch Bros energy drinks?

Yes, customers can select the type and size of coffee used to adjust the amount of caffeine in Dutch bros energy beverages. It’s a customizable choice for people who prefer varying amounts of caffeine in their beverages.

In Conclusion

In the end, Dutch Bros Menu Energy Drinks offer an exciting and energizing experience for people who are looking to boost their energy and delicious refreshment.

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