Dutch Bros Tea Menu

Welcome to the soul-soothing world of Dutch Bros Tea Menu! Elevate your tea-drinking experience with our carefully crafted blends where every sip is a journey of flavor.

At Dutch Bros, we go beyond the ordinary, offering a diverse Dutch Bros Menu that caters to every palate. From signature blends to customizable options, our commitment to quality and innovation shines through.

Join us as we explore the enchanting realm of Dutch Bros Tea, where each cup is a moment brewed to perfection.

Dutch Bros Tea Menu

Dutch Bros Tea Menu

Drink NameSizePrice
Peach (ICED)Small$3.25
Peach (ICED)Medium$3.60
Peach (ICED)Large$3.95
Peach (HOT)Small$3.25
Peach (HOT)Medium$3.60
Peach (HOT)Large$3.95
Double Rainbro (ICED)Small$3.25
Double Rainbro (ICED)Medium$3.60
Double Rainbro (ICED)Large$3.95
Double Rainbro (HOT)Small$3.25
Double Rainbro (HOT)Medium$3.60
Double Rainbro (HOT)Large$3.95
Passion Fruit (ICED)Small$3.25
Passion Fruit (ICED)Medium$3.60
Passion Fruit (ICED)Large$3.95
Passion Fruit (HOT)Small$3.25
Passion Fruit (HOT)Medium$3.60
Passion Fruit (HOT)Large$3.95
Strawberry (ICED)Small$3.25
Strawberry (ICED)Medium$3.60
Strawberry (ICED)Large$3.95
Strawberry (HOT)Small$3.25
Strawberry (HOT)Medium$3.60
Strawberry (HOT)Large$3.95
Tropical (ICED)Small$3.25
Tropical (ICED)Medium$3.60
Tropical (ICED)Large$3.95
Tropical (HOT)Small$3.25
Tropical (HOT)Medium$3.60
Tropical (HOT)Large$3.95
Decaf Ceylon TeaSmall$3.25
Decaf Ceylon TeaMedium$3.60
Decaf Ceylon TeaLarge$3.95
Dragon SlayerSmall$3.25
Dragon SlayerMedium$3.60
Dragon SlayerLarge$3.95
Dutch MojitoSmall$3.25
Dutch MojitoMedium$3.60
Dutch MojitoLarge$3.95
Earl Grey TeaSmall$3.25
Earl Grey TeaMedium$3.60
Earl Grey TeaLarge$3.95
Fire LizardSmall$3.25
Fire LizardMedium$3.60
Fire LizardLarge$3.95

More Flavors of Dutch Bros Tea Menu

Galaxy FishSmall$3.25
Galaxy FishMedium$3.60
Galaxy FishLarge$3.95
Gem BerrySmall$3.25
Gem BerryMedium$3.60
Gem BerryLarge$3.95
Green TeaSmall$3.25
Green TeaMedium$3.60
Green TeaLarge$3.95
Green Tea LemonadeSmall$3.25
Green Tea LemonadeMedium$3.60
Green Tea LemonadeLarge$3.95
Hot Cinnamon Spice TeaSmall$3.25
Hot Cinnamon Spice TeaMedium$3.60
Hot Cinnamon Spice TeaLarge$3.95
Laser CatSmall$3.25
Laser CatMedium$3.60
Laser CatLarge$3.95
Majestic ForestSmall$3.25
Majestic ForestMedium$3.60
Majestic ForestLarge$3.95
Og GummybearSmall$3.25
Og GummybearMedium$3.60
Og GummybearLarge$3.95
Palm BeachSmall$3.25
Palm BeachMedium$3.60
Palm BeachLarge$3.95
Palm TreeSmall$3.25
Palm TreeMedium$3.60
Palm TreeLarge$3.95
Paris TeaSmall$3.25
Paris TeaMedium$3.60
Paris TeaLarge$3.95
Passion WaterSmall$3.25
Passion WaterMedium$3.60
Passion WaterLarge$3.95
Ray of SunshineSmall$3.25
Ray of SunshineMedium$3.60
Ray of SunshineLarge$3.95
Rocky PointSmall$3.25
Rocky PointMedium$3.60
Rocky PointLarge$3.95
Starry NightSmall$3.25
Starry NightMedium$3.60
Starry NightLarge$3.95
Stop LightSmall$3.25
Stop LightMedium$3.60
Stop LightLarge$3.95
Sweet SunriseSmall$3.25
Sweet SunriseMedium$3.60
Sweet SunriseLarge$3.95
Tricky TreSmall$3.25
Tricky TreMedium$3.60
Tricky TreLarge$3.95

Dutch Bros Tea Menu Flavors

Below is a detailed list of all the flavors available at Dutch Bros tea, along with a synopsis of each beverage:

Peach: A naturally flavorful tea that is refreshing. You can have it hot or cold, based on your choice.
Double Rainbro: A fruity tea flavored with coconut, peach and strawberry. It has a vibrant appearance and can be served hot or cold.
Passion Fruit: The flavor of passion fruit in a tropical tea. It tastes acidic and can be eaten hot or cold.
Strawberry: A strawberry-flavored sweet tea. It’s a vibrant crimson beverage that can be served hot or cold.
Tropical: A unique tea flavored with strawberries, coconut, blue raspberries and passion fruit. It is able to be served.
Aquaberry: Watermelon, blue raspberry, strawberry and kiwi flavors combined in a berry tea. It has a cool blue color and can be served hot or iced.
Astronaut: A nutty tea flavored with almonds, raspberry and blackberries. It is purple in color and can be served hot or cold.
Decaf Ceylon Tea: An all-time favorite devoid of caffeine. It has a mild flavor and can be eaten hot or cold.
Dragon Slayer: A strong tea with drizzles of blackberry, blue raspberry and raspberry. It has a deep crimson color and can be served hot or cold.
Dutch Mojito: A minty tea flavored with creme de menthe, coconut and lime.
A classic tea with a bergamot flavor is Earl Grey. It has a strong aroma and can be eaten hot or cold.
Eclipse: A fruity tea with drizzles of blue raspberry, blackberry, peach and passion fruit. It has a contrast of yellow and purple and can be eaten hot or cold.
Flavored with orange, banana, and strawberry, Fire Lizard is a citrus tea. It contains a combination of orange and pink and can be served hot or cold.
Freedom: Blue raspberry and raspberry drizzled vanilla tea. It comes in red, white and blue and can be served hot or cold.

Is Dutch Bros only known for coffee, or is their tea menu equally popular?

While Dutch Bros has gained fame for its exceptional coffee, its tea menu is equally popular. The brand’s commitment to quality extends seamlessly to their diverse and beloved tea offerings.

What sets Dutch Bros’ tea blends apart from others?

Dutch Bros’ tea blends stand out due to their meticulous craftsmanship. The brand takes tea blending seriously, creating unique combinations that marry flavors in unexpected yet delightful ways.

This commitment to creativity and quality sets Dutch Bros’ tea apart from the rest, offering a distinct and memorable drinking experience.

Can I customize my Dutch Bros tea to suit my taste preferences?

Absolutely! Dutch Bros encourages customization. You have the freedom to tailor your tea to suit your taste preferences.

From adjusting sweetness levels to adding unique flavor twists, make your Dutch Bros tea uniquely yours.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Contact Information

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Office Address: 332 NW 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 United States

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Phone Number: +1 541-471-8742

You can contact the team of Dutch Bros. Coffee by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQs – Dutch Bros Tea Menu

Does Dutch Bros sell black tea?

Paris black tea or organic green tea flavored to taste.

Does Dutch Bros have tea lattes?

Starbucks.There are so many different varieties of lattes available at Dutch Bros. that you won’t know where to start. Pick between the Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte, which upgrades your traditional latte with a hint of caramel andthe White Chocolate Chai Latte which combines white chocolate sauce with spiced chai tea.

What is Paris tea Dutch Bros?

Paris is a fruity black tea with hints of citrus bergamot, caramel and vanilla notes. It smells delicious! Ingredients: bergamot oil, caramel taste, vanilla flavor, black currant flavor, oolong tea and black tea.

Do Dutch bro teas have caffeine?

We have a variety of highly caffeinated options to keep you going throughout the day. For example, try our black or green tea, Cold Brew, Dutch Freeze®, Americano, or a classic espresso drink (mocha, latte, breve). See our menu for an extensive list!

Does Dutch Bros serve tea?

The foundation of any Dutch Bros tea beverage is your choice of premium, revitalizing organic green or Paris black tea. Subsequently, the beverage is flavored with your selection.

Does Dutch Brothers have a flavored tea?

Everything began in the spring of 2020 when Dutch Bros. declared the arrival of a flavor—lavender—that was both delicious and distinct. It was very different from any other flavor that DB had to offer and it quickly became a favorite among customers.

What does Dutch Bros Paris tea taste like?

Black tea loaded with banana, orange, peach and passion fruit. are employed for a big tea? Three servings of flavor for a large tea!

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