We’re glad you’re here at Dutch Bros, your go-to place for tasty drinks and now, we’re proud to introduce our newest addition to the menu to our Dutch Bros Vegan Menu

We are aware of that it’s important to accommodate different diets and that’s the reason we’ve designed the menu to delight our customers who are vegan. 

Dutch Bros Vegan Menu

Enjoy a variety of plant-based treats including delicious dairy-free drinks to delicious snacks, all designed to provide satisfaction. 

Visit us at Dutch Bros and explore our delicious vegan recipes in which flavor and compassion blend perfectly. Enjoy the pleasure of drinking and eating Our Dutch Bros Vegan Menu now!

How do you choose vegan option at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros really makes it difficult to discern which products are vegan. 

They provide you with what is definitely not vegan. Then you need to return to the beginning. 

We’ve done it and have struggling to put their guide together.

Items That Are NOT Dairy Free

  • 2% Milk
  • Almond Roca Syrup
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Chocolate Chip Muffin Top
  • Dutch Chocolate Blend Milk
  • Egg Nog (Seasonal)
  • Freeze Mix (Whole Milk)
  • Granola Nut Bar
  • Ice Cream Mix
  • Kick Me Mix
  • Orange Cranberry Muffin Top
  • Pumpkin Pie Sauce (Seasonal)
  • Soft Top
  • Sugar Free Caramel Sauce
  • Sugar Free White Chocolate Sauce
  • White Chocolate Sauce
  • Whipped Cream

Non Dairy Milks

  • Oat Milk

The next two contain no dairy; however, Dutch Bros does not call them vegan because they do not know the source of the “natural flavors.” You choose your level of comfort in ordering them.

  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk

Top Vegan Drinks at Dutch Bros

Discover the most delicious vegan drinks on the market at Dutch Bros, where flavor and compassion converge in every drink. 

Enjoy our delicious and dairy-free drinks that are a perfect fit for your vegan lifestyle.

Dutch Bros. Nutty Irish Man Cold Brew

Dutch Bros. Nutty Irish Man Cold Brew

The Nutty Irish Man is an amazing combination of Irish cream and hazelnut syrup – a great flavor combination.

Ask for this flavor combination added to a cold brew. Add a dash of oat milk to make it super creamy. And you are set.

You can also order Dutch Bros cold brew nitro infused if you need an extra kick.

Dutch Bros. Double Rainbow Tea

Dutch Bros. Double Rainbow Tea

When do you most frequently drink tea flavored with peach, strawberry, and coconut? And names after rainbows? Never, right? But in Dutch Bros you can, and it’s vegan. 

You can choose you want it to be made from natural green tea and Paris black tea. I’d recommend green tea to get every antioxidant. 

You can also decide which one you prefer, hot or cold.

Dutch Bros. Green Apple Smoothie

Dutch Bros. Green Apple Smoothie

Alongside tea, coffee along with energy drinks Dutch Bros also offers smoothies to drink at any time. Our favorite are the smoothies made of green apples.

It’s the perfect mix of sweet and sour and each sip leaves the taster wanting more.

Dutch Bros. Double Chocolate Mocha Freeze

Dutch Bros. Double Chocolate Mocha Freeze

The transformation of the Dutch Bros Mocha Freeze into a vegan version is fantastic news for all chocolate lovers.

This opens up an exciting opportunity for those who follow a plant-based lifestyle to indulge in the irresistible flavors of this frozen treat.

The Dutch Bros Freeze which shares similarities with Starbucks’ Frappuccino drink, provides an excellent alternative for anyone seeking a blended and frozen beverage.

Embrace the rich and creamy goodness while staying true to your ethical choices.

Dutch Bros. Annihilator – Chocolate Macadamia Nut Breve

Dutch Bros. Annihilator – Chocolate Macadamia Nut Breve

Replace the half half with your plant based milk of choice.

You can also order this cold, hot or blended depending on what you fancy

Dutch Bros. The Bob Frost

Dutch Bros. The Bob Frost

Frosts are Dutch Bros shakes. The Bob Frost contains bananas, dark chocolate and coconut.

To make it vegan hold the whipped cream and order with vegan plant based milk.

Dutch Bros. Cold Brew with Oat Milk

Dutch Bros. Cold Brew with Oat Milk

If you’re looking for a drink with minimal frills, the cold brew with oat milk is a great option. There aren’t any fancy syrups or flavours in this traditional beverage.

It contains velvety oat milk and is made with basic cold brew. It is perfect for individuals who like a light creaminess and a pleasant caffeine boost.

Also Check:

Does Dutch Bros have vegan options?

In order to accommodate customers leading a plant-based lifestyle, Dutch Bros does indeed provide a number of vegan choices.

They recognize the value of catering to a variety of dietary needs and have created a selection of drinks and snacks suited for vegans.

Is the Annihilator vegan at Dutch Bros?

Unfortunately, Dutch Bros Annihilator beverage is not vegan.

Typically, espresso, chocolate macadamia nut flavouring and milk are combined to make The Annihilator.

The beverage does not, however, fit into a vegan diet because it contains milk.

However, Annihilator – Chocolate Macadamia Nut Breve is Vegan.

Is the chocolate syrup at Dutch Bros vegan?

Double Chocolate Mocha Freeze is Vegan option.

Are the toppings used in the vegan drinks also vegan-friendly?

In order to provide a fully plant-based experience, the toppings utilised in Dutch Bros’ vegan cocktails are, in fact, vegan-friendly.

Vegan Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros

Coffee connoisseurs will be pleased to learn that Dutch Bros’ standard drip coffee and cold brew coffee are naturally vegan.

Nevertheless, Dutch Bros offers a wide variety of customizable vegan latte, vegan Frappuccino and vegan tea alternatives for people who want more sophisticated coffeehouse beverages.

Vegan Lattes

If you order any of Dutch Bros’ classic lattes with non-dairy milk instead of regular milk, you can have them vegan.

They provide a variety of plant-based milk alternatives such as oat, soy, coconut and almond milk.

  • Vegan vanilla latte: Espresso with vanilla syrup and your preferred non-dairy milk are some well-liked options.
  • Vegan mocha latte: non-dairy milk, chocolate sauce and espresso
  • Vegan caramel latte: non-dairy milk, espresso and caramel sauce
  • Vegan peppermint mocha: non-dairy milk, espresso, chocolate sauce and peppermint
  • Vegan cinnamon roll latte: Non-dairy milk, espresso and cinnamon roll flavor

The vegan lavender breve, made with lavender syrup, espresso, and creamy coconut milk, stands out as one of their most distinctive latte options.

Extra shots of espresso can be added to lattes for those who desire a greater dose of caffeine.

Vegan Frappuccinos

Additionally, patrons of Dutch Bros. can veganize their traditional Frappuccino blended coffee drinks.

Request any Frappuccino to be made with non-dairy milk and a dairy-free base instead of the standard milk and cream base. Among the delicious possibilities are:

  • Vegan mocha frappuccino: non-dairy milk and a dairy-free base are combined with chocolate sauce.
  • Vegan Caramel Frappuccino: Caramel sauce combined with a dairy-free base and nondairy milk
  • Vegan Strawberry Frappuccino: A dairy-free base and non-dairy milk are combined with strawberry puree.
  • Vegan Pina Colada Frappuccino: Non-dairy milk, coconut and pineapple flavors combined with a dairy-free base

Request coconut milk for any blended Frappuccino drink in place of standard non-dairy milk if you want it extra creamy.

Vegans Tea Drinks

At Dutch Bros, all of their regular brewed teas—including black, green, ginger peach and passionfruit teas—are vegan.

Additionally, you can request their famous tea lattes and shakes without dairy by substituting non-dairy milk for regular milk.

Here are some vegan tea lattes you should try:

  • Chai tea concentrate with non-dairy milk and spices for a vegan chai tea latte
  • Vegan London fog latte: nondairy milk, vanilla and Earl grey tea
  • Matcha tea latte made vegan style with nondairy milk and matcha green tea powder

Alternatively, go for a cool vegan tea shake such as:

  • A vegan tea shake made with brewed tea, non-dairy milk and pureed strawberries and basil.
  • Peach puree mixed with green tea and nondairy milk to make a vegan peach green tea shake

Vegan Breakfast Items at Dutch Bros

The vegan breakfast menu at Dutch Bros. makes it simple to start your day off right. They serve vegan oatmeal, hot and cold vegan breakfast sandwiches and other quick breakfast alternatives.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches

Try one of Dutch Bros’ vegan breakfast sandwiches for a filling and substantial start to the day:

  • Vegan sausage and cheese sandwich: On an English muffin, a meatless sausage patty is topped with vegan cheddar cheese.
  • Vegan egg and cheese sandwich: On an English muffin, vegan cheddar and scrambled tofu eggs are served.
  • Vegan bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich: a croissant topped with vegan cheese, tofu egg and meatless bacon

While all of Dutch Bros’ usual breads and English muffins are vegan, for a change of pace, you can ask to have your sandwich made with their dairy-free cinnamon swirl bread or a vegan bagel.

Oatmeal and More

Dutch Bros serves hot vegan oats with nuts and dried fruits on top, in addition to sandwiches.

For something lighter, try a vegan avocado toast on dairy free cinnamon swirl bread or a vegan bagel with vegan cream cheese.

You can create a personalized vegan yogurt parfait by adding granola, fresh berries, and yogurt made with coconut or almond milk.

Vegan Lunch and Dinner at Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros is well-known for its coffee and breakfast offerings but they also make delicious plant-based salads, wraps, bowls and other vegan lunch and supper options.

Vegan Salads and Wraps

They provide a selection of vegan dressings on their salad menu so you may make any salad dairy-free. Here are a few really filling vegan salad options:

  • Romaine lettuce, beans, salsa, tortilla chips, guacamole and cilantro-lime dressing for a vegan taco salad.
  • Vegan Caesar salad: Romaine lettuce, vegan Caesar dressing, croutons and plant-based “chicken” strips
  • Vegan strawberry-pecan salad: balsamic vinaigrette, red onion, candied pecans and mixed greens
    Try one of their vegan wraps filled with delectable contents for heartier meals such as:
  • Vegan buffalo chicken wrap: lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing, plant-based “chicken” bits and buffalo sauce
  • A vegan version of a southwest wrap with rice, lettuce, bean and corn salsa and chipotle dressing
  • Tofu, Thai peanut sauce, peanuts, basil, cabbage, carrots and cucumbers in a vegan Thai peanut wrap

Vegan Desserts and Snacks at Dutch Bros

What would be a coffee run without dessert? Dutch Bros is fortunate to provide a variety of dairy-free sweets and vegan treats for vegans who have a sweet craving.

Vegan Bakery Items

  • You can get vegan scones, loaf cakes and muffins from their bakery case in varieties like:
  • Vegan blueberry muffin
  • Walnut and maple vegan scones Plant-based marble loaf cake

Vegan banana nut bread and vegan cinnamon buns are other possibilities for vegan sweet bread.

Brownies and Cookies

Snack on one of their boxed vegan brownies or indulge in a freshly made vegan chocolate chip cookie.

Vegan Donuts

Dutch Bros offers vegan donuts with dairy-free glazes and toppings such as:

  • Vegan cinnamon sugar donut;
  • Vegan blueberry glazed donut; and
  • Vegan chocolate iced donut, even though their regular cake donuts contain dairy.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Contact Information

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Office Address: 332 NW 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 United States

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Phone Number: +1 541-471-8742

You can contact team of Dutch Bros. Coffee by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQsDutch Bros Vegan Menu

Can I substitute the regular milk with a dairy-free alternative in any Dutch Bros drink?

Yes, Dutch Bros is happy to accommodate your request to substitute regular milk with a dairy free alternative for a vegan friendly beverage.

Are there vegan snacks available at Dutch Bros?

Yaa, Dutch Bros. offers vegan snacks such as fruit cups or vegan friendly baked goods to complement your vegan drink choice.

Are the Dutch Bros smoothies vegan?

Many of the Dutch Bros. smoothies can be made vegan by requesting dairy free alternatives ensuring a refreshing vegan friendly option.

Are the Dutch Bros Vegan Menu items labeled clearly?

Yes, Dutch Bros takes care to label their vegan Menu items clearly making it easier for customers to identify and enjoy their vegan options.

Do Dutch Bros offer any vegan pastries?

While there may not be a specific vegan pastry at Dutch Bros, certain locations may serve vegan friendly munchies. For specific possibilities, it’s best to inquire with your neighborhood retailer.

Do Dutch Bros use dairy in their whipped cream?

Indeed, dairy is present in Dutch Bros whipped cream. You can request that your drink be served without whipped cream or select one of the plant-based options if you’re a vegan.

Are Dutch Bros chocolate and caramel sauces vegan?

If you are vegan, it is advised to ask about specific ingredients or make other choices like Dutch Bros chocolate and caramel sauces may include dairy.

In Conclusion

Finally, by providing a delicious Vegan Menu, Dutch Bros has successfully responded to the demand for vegan options.

Dutch Bros makes sure that consumers living a plant-based diet may enjoy in tasty drinks without compromising their ethical principles by offering a variety of dairy free beverages, vegan flavourings and vegan-friendly toppings.

The addition of vegan snacks completes the vegan experience by enhancing the menu.

Visit our website at dutchbrosmenuprices.info if you’re interested in learning more about different menu pricing.