Dutch Bros Cold Brew Menu

Are you a lover of coffee looking for the best possible cold brew? Check out the Dutch Bros Cold Brew Menu right now!

Are you curious about this well-known coffee chain’s tempting selection of cold brew options? Which cold brew recipe do you think will become your new favorite?

Discover the full range of Dutch Bros’ cold brew options, from traditional blends to creative taste combinations.

Dutch Bros Cold Brew Menu

Learn about the complex undertones, energizing twists, and caffeine hits that distinguish each choice. Are you prepared to go out on an adventure with coffee unlike any other?

Uncover the delicious world of chilled coffee pleasures as we explore the Dutch Bros Cold Brew Menu!

Dutch Bros Cold Brew Menu With Prices

Drink NameSizePrice
Caramelizer (TOASTED)Small$5.25
Caramelizer (TOASTED)Medium$5.85
Caramelizer (TOASTED)Large$7.85
Caramelizer (ICED)Small$5.25
Caramelizer (ICED)Medium$5.85
Caramelizer (ICED)Large$7.85
White Mocha (TOASTED)Small$5.25
White Mocha (TOASTED)Medium$5.85
White Mocha (TOASTED)Large$7.85
White Mocha (ICED)Small$5.25
White Mocha (ICED)Medium$5.85
White Mocha (ICED)Large$7.85
Cold Brew (TOASTED)Small$5.25
Cold Brew (TOASTED)Medium$5.85
Cold Brew (TOASTED)Large$7.85
Cold Brew (ICED)Small$5.25
Cold Brew (ICED)Medium$5.85
Cold Brew (ICED)Large$7.85

Dutch Cold Brew Menu Flavors

The following are a few beverages that are available on the Cold Brew menu:

Caramelizer (TOASTED): A warm and comforting concoction of cold brew coffee, caramel, and mocha. For people who enjoy sweet and creamy flavors, this is ideal.

Caramelizer (ICED): This cool, reviving beverage combines cold-brew coffee with caramel and mocha flavors. For those who prefer a nice and cooled flavor, this is perfect.

White Mocha (TOASTED): This thick and velvety beverage combines cold brew coffee with white chocolate and mocha. For those who prefer a rich and creamy flavor, it’s excellent.

White Mocha (ICED): This refreshing beverage blends cold brew coffee with white chocolate and mocha. It is crisp and smooth. For those who enjoy a delicate, sweet flavor, it’s fantastic.

Cold Brew (TOASTED): A strong, robust beverage made with your preferred flavor of cold brew coffee. It is intended for people who value a robust, unadulterated flavor.

Cold Brew (ICED): Featuring your preferred flavor of cold brew coffee, this drink is smooth and delicious. It is designed for people who like their flavors to be smooth and reviving.

Is Dutch Bros Cold Brew available year-round?

Yes, Dutch Bros Cold Brew is a year-round delight! Whether it’s the warmth of summer or the chill of winter, you can enjoy the refreshing and bold flavors of Dutch Bros’ cold brew offerings.

With a commitment to providing a diverse and satisfying menu, Dutch Bros ensures that the joy of their cold brew is accessible and indulged in any season.

Can I customize the sweetness level of my cold brew?

Of course! Customization is essential at Dutch Bros. You are able to adjust the sweetness of your cold brew to precisely suit your palate.

Dutch Brothers makes sure that your cold brew is made exactly how you like it, whether that means going for a sweeter indulgence or a robust and unsweetened experience. Savor the liberty to customize each cup of coffee you take.

Are there any dairy-free options on the Cold Brew Menu?

Of course! Due to their understanding of dietary restrictions, Dutch Bros. provides dairy-free choices on their Cold Brew Menu.

Enjoy the full-bodied, savory cold brew experience without the dairy, making it a great option for people who are lactose intolerant or who would rather use plant-based substitutes.

You may confidently peruse the menu because Dutch Bros. accommodates a wide range of dietary requirements and tastes.

Ingredients and Brewing Process

Dutch Bros Cold Brew stands out due to its commitment to using high-quality coffee beans and a distinctive brewing technique.

The result is a beverage that tantalizes the taste buds with a bold and refreshing essence.

Health Benefits of Dutch Bros Cold Brew

Lower Acidity

Unlike traditional hot brews, Dutch Bros Cold Brew boasts lower acidity, making it a gentler option for those with sensitive stomachs.

Higher Caffeine Content

For the caffeine enthusiasts, Dutch Bros Cold Brew offers a robust kick, providing an energy boost that goes beyond the average cup of coffee.

Rich in Antioxidants

The cold brew is not just a treat for your taste buds; it’s a source of antioxidants, contributing to your overall well-being.

Customer Favorites and Reviews

Discover the top picks among Dutch Bros enthusiasts and hear what customers have to say about their cold brew experiences.

Dutch Bros Cold Brew vs. Traditional Iced Coffee

Explore the nuances that set Dutch Bros Cold Brew apart from the traditional iced coffee, from flavor profiles to brewing methods.

How to Customize Your Cold Brew

Sweetness Levels, Milk Choices, Additional Flavor Shots

Tailor your Dutch Bros Cold Brew to perfection by choosing your preferred sweetness levels, milk options, and adding extra flavor shots for a personalized touch.

Dutch Bros Cold Brew Culture

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community engagement and environmental initiatives that define the Dutch Bros Cold Brew culture.

Dutch Bros Cold Brew Availability

Locate the nearest Dutch Bros and explore online ordering options for a convenient cold brew experience.

Brewing Dutch Bros Cold Brew at Home

For DIY enthusiasts, discover how to recreate the Dutch Bros Cold Brew magic in the comfort of your own home with DIY cold brew kits and brewing tips.

Exclusive Dutch Bros Cold Brew Offers

Unlock the benefits of loyalty programs and stay updated on limited-time promotions for exclusive cold brew experiences.

Social Media Buzz

Explore Instagram-worthy cold brew pics and join the conversation using trending hashtags that capture the essence of Dutch Bros Cold Brew.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Contact Information

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Office Address: 332 NW 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 United States

Dutch Bros. Coffee Corporate Phone Number: +1 541-471-8742

You can contact team of Dutch Bros. Coffee by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQs – Dutch Bros Cold Brew Menu

What flavors cold brew does Dutch Bros have?

Caramelizer® Cold Brew Caramel Mocha. White Mocha. Mocha with White Chocolate. Cold Brew. Bright & Invigorating.

Does Dutch Bros cold brew have calories?

The 340 ml container of Dutch Bros Cold Brew Coffee has 20 calories, 3g net carbohydrates, 0g fat, and 1g protein.

What is in the Campout cold brew at Dutch Bros?

How to Prepare Your Own Latte Joy Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew The Brothers from Holland A coffee beverage called Campout Cold Brew is created by combining cold brew coffee, chocolate milk, and marshmallow syrup. After that, they add their famous Soft Top on top and cover it with chocolate syrup. As a last farewell to summer, the drive-thru coffee firm created the drink last year.

Does Dutch Bros cold brew have more caffeine?

Our Private Reserve mix is steeped in cold water to create Dutch Bros® Cold Brew. In comparison to our espresso, this beverage is less acidic and has more caffeine!

Does Dutch Bros have good cold brew?

Cold Brew: DutchBros Coffee’s Bold and Refreshing Taste
The Cold Brew from Dutch Bros. is strong, smooth, and refreshing. Cold Brew is more caffeinated and less acidic than regular coffee. It may be made with any flavor and consumed hot or iced!

What’s the difference between cold brew and Dutch coffee?

The differences between Dutch coffee (kahvebi) and cold brew Compared to cold brew coffees, Dutch coffees typically have a richer body and greater complexity. Efficiency is the second justification for using a Dutch coffee maker. When creating Cold Brew, you will need twice as much coffee as when making Dutch Coffee.

What is a Nitro cold brew from Dutch?

A smoother texture is achieved in Nitro Cold Brew coffee, a type of Cold Brew coffee made with nitrogen gas added. It was produced in the first part of 2010.

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